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Welcome to the portfolio section of our website. It’s our job to talk about our clients and not ourselves, but so that you can see what we are all about we have included information on some of our previous and current work. inPress Online is acquiring new clients all the time, and most recently won the PR and marketing account for Global Green IT manufacturer, Kell Systems.

We are also delighted to be working with Communicate Magazine, ahead of their Social Media in a Corporate Context conference in June.

We can’t always talk about all of our client accounts publically, particularly if they are a work in progress, but for a selection of previous and current clients please click on the client links below:

Communicate Magazine

Kell Systems

Batched on Site Association (BSA)

Thornley Groves



Of course face to face communication remain as important as ever before, so if you would like to schedule a meeting, or simply require further information on our services then please do not hesitate to contact us.

inPress Online with Communicate Magazine

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Communicate Magazine is the single industry voice for corporate and stakeholder communications in the UK and on a Global level. The publication recently called upon inPress Online to assist in the social media marketing of the magazine’s forthcoming Social Media in a Corporate Context Conference 2011.


The all-day SMCC Conference will be held at the Grange St Paul’s Hotel on Thursday 2nd of June, and inPress Online is delighted to have been asked to assist in helping to raise awareness of the event, as well as the European version of the conference, which is being hosted in Amsterdam on May 10th.


inPress Online maintains excellent relationships with the industry press, contributing regular comment and articles to numerous publications including New Media Age magazine, Reputation Online, and various industry blogs.

In addition to helping to market the event, inPress Online managing director, Jamie Gavin, will also be speaking at the SMCC event in June, presenting an insight into the growing importance of on-site blogging and branded editorial content, which is becoming an increasingly important cornerstone of the traditional press as well as corporate and consumer communications.

We have already launched a brand new Facebook tab for the event, which demonstrates the flexibility with which the new iFrame functionality can be used above the old FBML way of coding out Facebook pages.

For more information please stay tuned to our blog, and if you would like to receive information on how inPress Online clients can receive a discounted rate on event attendance then please do not hesitate to contact us.

inPress Online with Kell Systems

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Marlow based UK manufacturing firm, Kell Systems, are a Global leader in the creation and supply of Green office IT equipment. With offices in the US and across Europe, clients include Microsoft, Google, the Honda Formula 1 team, local Government Councils, NASA, the NHS and Global petrochemical giant, Shell.


Having tried traditional PR agencies in the past, Kell Systems has been left disappointed with the level of activity and exposure that a traditional press approach can bring. Now undergoing a period of rapid expansion, the company is looking to consolidate current PR and marketing activity and expand into new areas of marketing, including online PR and social media marketing.


inPress Online is delighted to have been appointed by Kell Systems in March 2011 to handle all of the PR and marketing activity across the Kell account on a Global basis, and has ambitiously set about this brief through the following activity:

  • Rebranding and redevelopment across all collateral and advertising
  • Holistic ad-planning strategy
  • Implementation of virtual marketing department, dedicated marketing calendar, and comprehensive marketing strategy
  • Creation of a dedicated Twitter account
  • Twitter marketing, seeding, and targeting activity
  • Facebook page redesign and iFrame coding
  • YouTube page redesign and video content strategy focus
  • Offline and online PR activity and monitoring
  • Regular press releases
  • Weekly blog updates incorporating PR and SEO
  • Newsletter and webinar creation
  • HTML coding, print distribution, and electronic mail-outs
  • Event and sales support
  • Promotion of company spokespeople in the national and industry press

Result Highlights

While this campaign is still very much in its infancy, inPress Online are already beginning to achieve results on behalf of our client, Kell Systems. Recognising that a holistic overhaul of existing marketing and advertising strategy will be required to achieve optimum results, we have also preliminarily focussed on a number of areas where ‘quick wins’ have led to immediate deliverables and results, including:

  • Preliminary upturn in in-bound leads during the first month of the campaign
  • 200+ targeted Twitter followers based on relevant publication targeting
  • PR coverage on Reuters, the Green IT blog, and a number of leading industry publications
  • Interviews with leading company spokespeople on sustainability and the economics of Green IT
  • Advertising concept re-design to introduce consistency across print and press online
  • Regular blogging activity and tweeting/re-tweeting to establish brand as a thought leader, which has led to an immediate high level of interaction on Twitter
  • Editorial articles written and submitted to numerous industry magazines for publication over the coming months
  • Virtual marketing department, marketing calendar, and formal procedures put in place for future PR and marketing activity
  • Design and HTML coding of Kell Systems newsletter, as distributed by a leading industry publication in the space
  • Design and HTML coding of Facebook and YouTube channels to maximise video exposure of product, which is felt to be an integral part of the marketing strategy
  • Established relationships with partner companies for joint webinars and events
  • Distribution of marketing emails via various lists which are already producing leads for the company

Preliminary marketing analytics from the Kell campaign have proved to be very positive, and we still have a lot to launch, let alone implement, in terms of PR and marketing activities.

Online PR: New Data Centre Temperature Guidelines Bring Server Room Technology into Question

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The American Society for Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has expanded recommended guidelines for ambient data centre temperatures, calling for a rise in upper data-centre temperature from 25 to 27 degrees.


This makes sense given the extremely high costs involved in cooling server equipment by way of a traditional server room.


Through the implementation of the Kell Server Cabinet, Kell Systems has been assisting companies to make this shift for over 5 years. The seemingly nominal temperature easing of two degrees Celsius has no bearing on Server performance, but can dramatically reduce a company’s energy costs.


Google, Microsoft, and Intel have all committed to raising data-centre temperatures, while

Munther Salim – a mechanical engineer at HP EYP Mission Critical Facilities – recently said that raising the set points in CRAC units is the “number one thing you can do to save money.”


The issue for those still operating a traditional server room to maintain data-centres is that even this nominal increase in server temperature can bring about a strong increase in the noise generated by the server fans.


In a recent article for IT Knowledge Exchange entitled, “Raise the Data Centre Temperature, but Bring Your Earplugs” Michael Patterson, a thermal engineer at Intel, warned that raising the data centre temperature could have an effect on “acoustical noise levels.”


“Data centre managers and owners should therefore weigh the trade-offs between the potential energy efficiencies with the proposed new operating environment and the potential increases in noise levels,” said Patterson.


Here at Kell Systems, we have always emphasised the importance of minimalizing server-housing to reduce energy costs, but these latest findings by the ASHRAE – coupled with Patterson’s warning – are leading the industry to question the very viability of the server room itself.


Through the implementation of the Kell Server Cabinet, and compared with a traditional server room, companies are typically reducing server noise by up to 83% and CO2 emissions by 97% – there should not be a trade-off between the two. Ultimately, by reducing both at the same time, your business should benefit from even greater energy efficiency savings.


And with a survey finding that 32% of users cite lack of space as being the most limiting factor in growing data centre growth, it is time for the industry to move away from building dedicated rooms to house servers, and towards more functional, energy efficient forms of housing.  

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inPress Online Selected as Online PR and Marketing Agency for Kell Systems

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inPress Online has been selected to work with Kell Systems, the leading Global provider of green office IT solutions.


The Marlow based Global manufacturer specialises in the build and delivery of dedicated server housing, which removes the need for a traditional server room, dramatically reducing noise pollution, carbon emissions, and capital/running costs.  


Speaking about the company’s latest client win, inPress Online managing director, Jamie Gavin, emphasised the importance of a joined up approach to PR and marketing in today’s current media climate:


“The traditional print press is in decline, there is no secret about that anymore,” said Gavin. “It is critical that companies now begin take a broader view to publicising their businesses that does not depend upon running print PR and advertising alongside traditional marketing activity. In today’s shifting media landscape a joined up approach to PR and marketing that encompasses digital, offline, social media, email marketing, et al, and makes those decisions based on an ROI basis, is crucial to winning success for your brand amongst target audiences.”


Gavin’s experience in launching new products and services on behalf of NASDAQ listed web analytics company, comScore, is thought to be an asset to Kell Systems as they look to expand into international markets.   


inPress Online will be working with Kell Systems across their entire advertising, marketing, PR and social media portfolio, providing a joined-up approach to the firms marketing strategy as they look to expand into further Global markets.


For further information on Kell Systems, please visit their website at:

Online PR is about More Than Just Words — and Pictures

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One of the key advantages that digital media presents is the channels’ unique ability to provide a multimedia platform for brands that allows more innovative communications strategies than the “static” techniques of old.


Of course, all too often, “New Media” bandwagons are jumped upon, and a successful online PR and social media strategy must be used to develop existing brand messaging rather than replacing it. There are however, real instances in which more modern communications can be used to improve existing online marketing and PR strategy.


One such example is in the multimedia work we’ve been doing for our client, Mixamate. This construction services company is the market leader in its sector and generally enjoys a raft of positive feedback from customers.


Until recently this had simply been displayed as text testimonials on the site, until inPress Online recently launched “Mixamate TV” to showcase some of this excellent feedback directly, and indeed bring an extra layer of interactivity to social media interactions.


The footage is clear and concise, but shot in this instance one-on-one on an iPhone, brings a real feeling of immediacy and empathy from the customer.


We feel that this approach offers something new to the traditional testimonials structure online. It offers real-life footage of a living, breathing person talking honestly about their expeirces with the Mixamate brand, and that undoubtedly helps future customers to conceptualise and trust these endorsements all the more.


It’s also an extremely cost effective way of bringing the day to day environments and people involved with your brand to life, and in an age of user generated content and social media sharing, breaks down that “fourth wall” between brands and consumers even further.

Mix on Site: Mixamate Mobile Traffic Grows 175% Yr on Yr

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As announced earlier this week, inPress Online client, Mixamate, has experienced a 175.4 per cent increase in mobile traffic during the past year.


While we are obviously pleased as punch to have played our part in this upturn, the extent of this growth has unquestionably been influenced by the widespread increase in smartphone and iPad adoption that has occurred in the UK during the past twelve months.


Beyond that, this will be an interesting data case study for the mobile industry, as it reflects the growing relevance of the mobile marketing channel to a market leader in a more traditional sector of industry. 


The story has been published today in Mobile Marketing magazine, including a quote from Mixamate Managing Director, Chris Smith, on the wider impact of mobile technology on the construction trade. It can also be viewed on the Mixamate website – which we are delighted to say enjoyed its highest ever traffic figures in March 2011 – and has been included for you below.


In March 2011, the total number of unique visitors to the Mixamate website was up 23.3 per cent on the previous year, with total visits having grown 18.7 per cent. Engagement levels were also found to have enjoyed a healthy increase with page views having grown by 12.9 per cent during the same period. 


Between them, the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad Account for More Than 80% of Total Mobile Traffic to the Mixamate website

Mixamate today issued the results of a study into the online behaviour of our customers, revealing a 175.4 per cent increase in mobile visits to the site against the previous year.


In March 2011, the total number of unique visitors to the Mixamate website was up 23.3 per cent on the previous year, with total visits having grown 18.7 per cent. Engagement levels were also found to have enjoyed a healthy increase with page views having grown by 12.9 per cent during the same period. 


Mobile Showing Strongest Growth
Mobile growth was particularly strong during this period, with the total number of visits that occurred from mobile devices having risen 175.4 per cent between March 2010 and March 2011.


Of all of the mobile operating systems reported, the Apple iPhone proved to be the most popular device with a 59.5 per cent share of total mobile traffic. The Apple iPad followed in second place with a 22.6 per cent share, having shown healthy growth since its UK launch in May 2010.

On a combined basis, the Apple iPhone and the Apple iPad accounted for 82.1 per cent of total mobile traffic to the Mixamate website in March 2011.


The iPad operating system was followed by Android (10.7 per cent share), SymbianOS (4.2 per cent share), BlackBerry (2.4 per cent share), while other non-Smartphone Operating systems contributed only a nominal percentage of total mobile traffic at 0.6 per cent.


The findings highlight the increasing uptake of Smartphone and iPad usage within the construction industry, a sector which employs more than 2 million people and accounted for 8.3 per cent of the UK’s total GVA (Gross Value Added) in 2008.


“The Mixamate website has experienced significant gains in mobile traffic during the past twelve months,” said Chris Smith, managing director of Mixamate Concrete & Screed. “This channel is becoming increasingly important to our industry, as site merchants and builders on site begin to look to their mobile devices to find materials quickly and easily. Going forward, we would expect to see mobile accounting for an even greater share of our total website traffic and recently launched a dedicated mobile site to help customers find us on their mobile devices as easily as possible.”