UK Home Show Launched to Showcase Home Products and Services

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A brand new site called The UK Home Show has been launched to provide an online showcase dedicated solely to products and services for the home.

inPress Online will be working to help raise the profile of this exciting new online retail channel, which operates on a Cost Per Lead (CPL) advertising platform.

Earlier this month a study conducted by KPMG revealed that 77% of British shoppers prefer to buy goods like CDs, DVDs, books and video games online. However as Christian Morgan, founder and managing director of the UK Home Show identifies, this ease of use has so far been absent from the home goods industry:

“If you think about shopping for home products and services online it remains a much more labor-intensive process than shopping for fashion or entertainment brands,” said Morgan. “Our aim is to provide an online ‘exhibition’ where customers can quickly find a number of companies that provide the products or services that they are looking for and make it easy for them to get in touch with those companies. This makes it easier for users both to find companies that match their needs and to shop around – and by comparing and engaging with a small number of suppliers we believe our customers will end up with a better solution and a better deal than they might otherwise have found.”

The site is now live at and inPress Online is very proud to be working with such a pioneering new channel in the home retail space – stay posted to our blog for further updates!