Being ‘in the press’ is no longer simply about securing that newspaper article or television slot, and the traditional public relations agency model has longsince become outdated. Equally, with the introduction of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, along with greater calls for the further regulation of social media platforms around the world, more recent digital marketing and advertising practices have themselves begun to lose their impact.


In 2019, acquiring new customers in a new media landscape requires a new approach.

inPress Online places the branded website at the heart of your marketing communications strategy. We create a dedicated user journey for your business, from brand discovery to lead generation. This allows us to add a direct response element to the traditional public relations or digital marketing campaign. Audiences are directed back to your company website where they can ultimately be converted into leads, and this also gives us a tangible set of goalposts through which to measure the success of each individual component of the campaign.

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“inPress has helped us to streamline our various social media platforms and really bump up our presence online. At a point in time where the arts and entertainment industries are becoming increasingly digitised, it’s important to keep up, on behalf of both ourselves and our clientbase.” — Winterson’s